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Was going through some pics I took last night and noticed spots that seemed to be in alot of the pictures, at furst I thought it was dust on the lens, but it kept moveing in the picture, so my mate took em and blewup the spots and then just enhanced the contrast.
What I saw when he was done was creepy to say the least.

I had known there were at least 3 different spirits liveing/existing up at the shop, but had no idea what id see in the pictures.
I knew of the old woman attached to the stove, and the child attached to something else, but id also seen the old farmer walking around aswell.

well you can take a look at the pics and decide what it is for yourself :)

Its in the folder called Orbs



pictures finally

I had to go through and resize em all, but here they are.


you can see a few outlets in the pics, but I am takeing them out as I go, so itll be all non electric in there..at the top of pic 3 is the pic I was talking about.


todays work

welp I got up about 1 pm my time, as we were up late last night working again, so slept in abit.

I came over to my shop to respond to a few e-mails and pay the power bill, and just to wakeup abit.

It was abit annoying last night, I was up at the big shop working at about 4 am, cutting some 2x4's to make into door trim (im going for the look of an ooold inn( I was joking and told my mate that id have to leave the doors white, or youd need a flashlight to find the exit :P)

also found an old old picture of george washington we had gotten at an auction years ago in a box lot, and I took it down stairs to hang in the new kitchen, It was dirty, so I used a papertowel to wipe it off, and it turned out to be from smoke, so either it was a house fire, or it hadnt seen the light of day since someone was useing oil lamps for light, or a wood stove, no telling really, but I thought it was interesting.

So for today, I will have alot more molding to cut and sand to get it ready to mount to the wall, aswell as takeing some paneling from this shop to the other so I can put it in place so I can at least be done with one wall.

I have some realtree camo paneling we got ages ago, and that should look really nice on the walls, kinda like looking out of the cave onto a dark wood.
All I need is some ale and some celtic music to make it feel like home :)

Take care all


sore bear

dang it has been so long since I posted here its not funny.

Alot has happened this past year, and especially these past few weeks around here.

We have a hen who is sitting with 9 chicks, she hatched em out about a month or so ago (had 12 to begin with, but a predator got 3 of em)
so now at night she and her group are locked in a little cage/house I made for em to be safe and sound at night.
I also redid the larger spot for the chickens and ducks as they were really getting tornup at night (lost 6 in one night alone), but since they have the new spot, not lost a one.

I have been makeing huge strides in the new kitchen at the big shop, it took me forever to make the pl;unge and get to work on it, as the walls had been done for several years, but nothing else was done, just pretty much was used for staorage. But I did pickup small bits and pieces for it over that time, a few tiles here and there, some wood for the walls, etc.

so in the past few weeks ive done the floor, (sealed it, and tiled it) just have to finish grouting the last tiny area tonight and I can finally put all those tools away.

tonight I was staining some cherry wood that we had picked up at auction about 3-4 years ago to resell to another person. well it turned out they didnt want it, so it just sat in the corner unused since then.
It wasnt a bad deal, it was roughcut, which is what I wanted for a primative looking kitches, plus I priced it at the store today, and it about knocked my socks off when I saw how much it would have cost from there.

I also painted the ceiling a deep dark almost black, so now with the dark slate floor it looks more like a cave. My mate isnt to sure about the colors, but I told him I wanted to make it this way, as its a bears kitchen :)

so after work I like to go sit there for abit and just look at it and daydream.

I will post pics soon, as ive taken a load of em recently.



It has been awhile since I last posted.

There hasnt been too much going on over the past few months other than work and trying to stay warm as its been so flipping cold over here.

I spent some time about a week ago rearanging a room up at the big shop so I put in a few storage shelves in a spare room, i had been at it for several hours and was needing a break anyway when something started banging on the other side of the wall, it was so loud and hard it was knocking stuff off the wall where I was working.
I stood up and grabbed a weapon and made my way out the door as quietly as I could and around to the otherside of the room that I was just in, but there was noone there, and since I could see both doors that lead into the shop, I knew noone could have gotten past me.
I looked about but there was noone at all around.
So I just chalk it up to another vist from the ghost that hangs around there.

Still cold

Well we are halfway through January now and its still cold outside. We did get a break yesterday when it was upto 50 here and sunshine.
The bees were even out looking around for awhile, looking for flowers or something sweet to get into.

Finally getting around to moveing some stuff in the shop so I can get my light tables ready to start some seeds soon.

eye of the storm?

It has been in the 50's and 60's the past several days here, and it has felt so good after this cold arctic air we have been under for the past month, but there is more cold air coming in later today, so it feels like this is just the eye of the storm here.

My newrs resolutions are to work outside alot more this year and have a big garden. (I got alot of watermelons last year and my mate said they were good, but to me they tasted very metallic. I doscovered it was my gold crown that was making them taste so odd, so I guess thats off the plate for me now) Ive been looking into a new type of gardening called permaculture, it seems alot easier than most methods, and much more friendly to the land than factory farming where you rip it up and drench it in chemicals.

Ive been doing alot of the things they suggest over the years, just never knew it was called anything else.

Folks that saw my garden said it looked like a graveyard, cause ther were mounds of soil in rows about 3' wide and 8' long all in rows.

I wish spring was closer, but I know its still quite a few months away, and I have so much work to do before then. To get caughtup on everything so I will have time to do other things.

busy again

Finally pretty much over this crud and getting my tail back to working again.

Still as cold as can be here, the snow isnt even trying to melt, just slowly piling up and blowing around.

I went out a few days ago and picked up a new pair of snow boots, and they seem to be keeping my toes alot toastier now.

Still waiting for a present I had orderd for myself for Christmas, a timber bamboo plant thats supposed to grow 50-75' tall in just a few years, so I can wait for spring to plant it.

I have always loved sitting under tall bamboo and closing my eyes, and just listening to the wind as it moves them slowly around.

I had alot of shorter bamboo (Giant reed actually) in Carlsbad, but I had to leave it there as it wouldnt have made it here.

Now I just have to find a place to put it where it wont get too out of control.

Im plannning on building a small green house in the spring, provided I can get a LOAD of orders out this winter time.
A small reward for the work you could say.
Ive been dying to get one since forever, but never gotten around to it.

Welp, I gotta get some more work done, be well all and try and stay warm.



I cant belive how cold it is iin decmeber out here, plus all this snow we have been getting out here.

This feels more like the depths of febuary than mid december.
I know there are alot of folks who have it alot worse off, but dang this is getting rediculous. And spring is still several months away.

Im definatly still not use to the cold weather up here in the north of the country. Im use to winters being like in the 40's, not 10 below zero.

my stupid hindpaws get so cold anymore since I had that case of frost bite 2 winters running.even in thick socks and insulated boots they turn to ice after abit.

blah, I am ready for more warm weather :P



I take saturdays off most weeks, and spend it either on here cahtting or snoozing, and basically wasting the day.

Well last Saturday we took a popup tent like youd see at a roadside stand and we setup a stand selling eggs in a farmers market in a city near here, I had never done anything like this before as I am painfully shy Rl, but I had about 36 dozen eggs to get rid of, and had to do something.

So we spent all afternoon on main street and sold alot of the eggs, and all in all we made about $51 bucks from it, so that was good.
I know you really loose money when you furst start off, but it was fun, and we got to meet and talk to some nice folks, plus we had some sales from a teaparty rally down the street, so that was nice aswell.

We went to talk with the store owner where we had rented the space from a few days ago, and folks had been coming into his store and asking when we would be back. It seems it was a hit :)

So he asked us to start coming back on a regular basis, so we will be there this coming weekend.

It was funny though, I had folks stop and ask for odd things during the day.
I had made signs up in bold letters that we were selling chicken and duck eggs, but we are asked among other things:
if we were selling ducks
if we were selling cookies
selling donuts
selling honey (As we had a bear on the table that was holding a plate with free mints for customers)

So we had to tell em no, on all the others, but it got us thinking.

So when we will be going back, we will be taking alot of eggs (Getting almost 4 dozen a day now) cookies (Chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, and peanut butter and butterscotch, Bread, and Honey.

I finally got around to putting the escape board on my hive today, as I have been avoiding it for far toooo long.
I have had such trouble with wasps, it kinda soured me on honey bees.
But I just said, what the heck and plied right into it.
They didnt seem to mind to much, just buzzing around to see what I was doing, but a good puff of smoke sent them packing. So I got 2 full supers full of honey and id guess about 120-150 pounds worth in there, so tomarrow I will bring them inside and uncap em and spin em out, then its just a matter of straining the golden liguid and bottling it :)
So we will have a LOAD of jars of the sweet stuff to start selling.

And its after 2 am and my eyes are crossing and I feel goofy.
I gotta go feed the pups and then get some sack time

Take care all, and sleep well :)




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